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The Crespo Project's Fundraising

The Crespo Project will be offering all tokens at 1 ethoshi on to raise funding for the launch of its exchange on 31/03/2020.  There will also be a lunch of trading competition.  Details will be announced on twitter, bitcointalk and telegram group.



Name: Crespo (CSO)

Social Trading Platform to Learn & Earn.

Crespo Platform is a mordern cryptocurrency and digital assets trading platform  which will be launched 3/3/2020.
It will combine the convinience of traditional trading of  crypro assets with fiat and will afford new users with opportunity to copy from established traders and profit from it.

Benefits of crespo

Crespo offers immense opportunities to new and inexperience traders who do not have the required skills to navigate the complicated cryptocurrency world. Here are few of the many benefits Crespo will offer.

  • Earn While Still Learning

    It allows you to learn from experienced  investors where you get to know how to navigate the trading markets by enable you to copy their  trades.

  • Build Community of Investors  

    Build a commmunity of Investors where you get  to interact and share information while also collaborating  on different ventures

  • Quick Access to Reliable Trading   

    Reduce the process of searching for reliable  trading information by providing extensive information from professional traders across the world.

  • Quick Grasping of The Trading Market.  

    Reduce the duration and cost of becoming professional investor by allowing your to learn from professional investors. Quickly and efficiently.

Crespo Staking Platform

The Crespo project will be launching a Crespo staking platform for community members.  This is by popular demand from messages received from investors.  The staking platform will enable users to earn generous returns on investment for holding their tokens through staking. 

Further announcement will be made on twitter and teletram group in the next 30 days coming soon!

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The Crespo Platform

The Crespo Platform is a modern cryptocurrency and  digital  assets trading  platform that  will be  lunched on 3rd of March, 2020.

It will combine the convienience of traditional crypto assets trading with fiat and also enable new inexperience investors to learn from experienced one while earning by doing so. So you do not have to wait until you know all curves of the  market before you start earning. Simply rely on the experience of whale  investors and copy from them and starting  earning.

Partner  exchanges

The Crespo platform has  partnered with the  following exchanges to make trading of the token.

crespo is listed on xrex24 exchange
Trade Crespo on


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